A maximum entropy climate – this post has been expanded at the next post


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6 Responses to A maximum entropy climate – this post has been expanded at the next post

  1. afonzarelli says:

    ~hadsst3 global, hadsst3 northern hemisphere & hadsst3 southern hemisphere from 1990 to 2018

    • afonzarelli says:

      Robert, it’s interesting how SSTs dovetail with the TOA shortwave flux. The decrease in reflective shortwave gives rise to a yearly cycling of northern hemisphere SSTs beginning in 2003. (very warm anomaly during the year only to cool off in winter) And once again, another decrease in reflected shortwave gives rise to an even greater amplitude of cycling beginning in 2014. (i wonder if it’s really as simple as i have it laid out here)…

      • Cloud albedo changes with SST – and there are a couple of annual cycles in there. Orbital eccentricity and north/south asymmetry. I am thinking about this – a work in progress as I originally said.

  2. Ragnaar says:

    It seems the problem is that as the GMST rises, it gets aborbed by the oceans at a rate proportional to its rise. To counter that, one could say it will be back shortly.

    I don’t agree. Water stores warmth. That is what makes it a good transport medium. It stores it enough to bring it from Florida to England at about 2 miles an hour.

    • The data is ocean heat – and incoming energy less outgoing. Radiant imbalances show up somewhere as more or less heat in the system.

    • afonzarelli says:

      To say “it will be back shortly”, i think, is a misnomer anyway. As the little imp of “Slime-it, etc.” is one to say, ocean warming simply constitutes a lag in the system. The ocean is a great big heat sink that may take centuries to fill up. Once it finally reaches a state of equilibrium, it should stop “sinking” heat and the surface temps should resemble warming that occurs on land. (but, then again, that degree of warming will take centuries to occur)…

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