Synergistic Technologies for Energy Futures

My vision for energy futures involves the emergence of synergistic technologies. Implementation in the real world can only succeed with cost competitive products.

High temperature modular nuclear providing baseload electricity but also – at periods of lower demand – electricity for carbon capture and heat and power for efficient high temperature production of  hydrogen and oxygen from water.


For more on EM2 –

Hydrogen can be catalyzed with carbon dioxide to produce liquid fuels for efficient linear generators powering efficient and powerful electric motors for transport.

Combine this with a high capacity low cost supercapacitor bank for that racing start.

“Supercapacitors have many advantages. For instance, they maintain a long cycle lifetime—they can be cycled hundreds of thousands times with minimal change in performance. A supercapacitor’s lifetime spans 10 to 20 years, and the capacity might reduce from 100% to 80% after 10 or so years. Thanks to their low equivalent series resistance (ESR), supercapacitors provide high power density and high load currents to achieve almost instant charge in seconds. Temperature performance is also strong, delivering energy in temperatures as low as –40°C.”

In my future Paris-Dakar entry. Not because it is low emission – but because it is fun.

More at –

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  1. David Walker says:


    Just out of interest, I am probably one of the first few dozen people in Great Britain to ride an electric motorcycle – back in – IIRC – 1963.

    At the Blackpool motorcycle show, the Joseph Lucas (unaffectionately known as the Prince of Darkness) there was a mock-up of a small trials section with two converted bikes – a BSA C15 Trials and a Greeves Scottish trials – fairly crudely converted to electrical drive, the throttle was either on or off, and I had a ride on one.

    Those were the days…

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