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Intrinsic and forced climate variability

The sun is the source of the vast majority of heat on the surface of the planet. The atmosphere is mostly transparent to incoming visible light and the surface is warmed. Warm surfaces emit infrared (IR) photons. At specific IR … Continue reading

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A primer for ‘climate science deniers’

The bottom line on climate is impressively simple.  There is an instantaneous rate of increase (nominally – see below) in greenhouse gas forcing of 1E-9 W/m2 – set against a background of immense natural variability. The 97% consensus on the first … Continue reading

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Adani Lawfare

Adani is an Indian company with a coal project in development in the Galilee basin in Central Queensland.  Serial and vexatious litigation – all actions brought over years have been lost – have delayed the project and added to costs.  … Continue reading

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Restoring agricultural soils for profit, biodiversity and climate resilience

===Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement production – from 1750 to 2011 – was about 365 billion metric tonnes as carbon (GtC), with another 180 GtC from deforestation and agriculture.   Of this 545 GtC, about 240 GtC (44%) … Continue reading

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Safe, cheap and abundant energy – back to the nuclear energy future

“To provide [electricity] in today’s world, an ‘advanced reactor’ must improve over existing reactors in the following 4-core objectives.  It must produce significantly less costly, cost-competitive clean electricity, be safer, produce significantly less waste and reduce proliferation risk.  It is … Continue reading

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All bubbles burst – laws of economics for the new millennium

The global economy is worth about $100 trillion a year.  To put aid and philanthropy into perspective – the total is 0.025% of the global economy.  If spent on Copenhagen Consensus smart development goals such expenditure can generate a benefit to … Continue reading

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Why both progressives and conservatives are idiots

The great challenge for the 21st century are two monumental but related tasks.  The restoration of grasslands, forests, rivers and oceans and the creation of prosperous, secure and resilient human communities.  My great frustration is that for decades we have … Continue reading

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