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Tremendous energy cascading through powerful Earth sub-systems

To understand the multiply coupled Earth system requires tracing the flow of energy through the relevant physical mechanisms.  Over decadal to millennial scales much climate variability emerges from polar regions in changing patterns of meridional (north/south) and zonal (east/west) wind … Continue reading

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Stocks and flows in the Earth system

Stocks and flows exist at the cellular to planetary scales.  Stocks are an accumulation of some sort.  It may be water, heat or biological.  Water, heat and populations ebb and flow.   Mass and energy are conserved.  Water and heat can … Continue reading

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ENSO holding neutral

My guess is that there is not enough energy – geopotential or heat – in the western Pacific for another even moderate El Niño to emerge.  A large El Niño needs time to recharge as warm surface water is piled up … Continue reading

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Space and ocean climate monitoring in the 21 st century

Where the atmosphere meets space – all energy is electromagnetic.  Incoming from the Sun and outgoing from reflected light and emitted heat.  At most times incoming and outgoing energy at the top of atmosphere (TOA) are not equal and Earth … Continue reading

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A Holocene South American warm Pacific sediment record

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Environmental Bulls and Bears

Markets need fair, transparent and accessible laws – including on open and equal markets, labor laws, environmental planning and management, consumer protection and whatever else is arrived at in the democratic arena. Optimal tax take is some 23% of GDP … Continue reading

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Synergistic Technologies for Energy Futures

My vision for energy futures involves the emergence of synergistic technologies. Implementation in the real world can only succeed with cost competitive products. High temperature modular nuclear providing baseload electricity but also – at periods of lower demand – electricity … Continue reading

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