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Restoring agricultural soils for profit, biodiversity and climate resilience

===Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement production – from 1750 to 2011 – was about 365 billion metric tonnes as carbon (GtC), with another 180 GtC from deforestation and agriculture.   Of this 545 GtC, about 240 GtC (44%) … Continue reading

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Working Backwards – from ENSO variability to Solar Causality

ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) variability is linked to the spinning up or down of the South Pacific gyre – as it brings more or less cold Southern Ocean water northward – along the Peruvian coast – to more or less … Continue reading

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Misguiding Children on the Greenhouse Effect

Much of the blogospheric discourse on climate is for me a circle of hell undiscovered by Dante.  It is a circle ruled over by Humpty Dumpty and where words mean whatever he says they mean.   You can feel the planet … Continue reading

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The Grand Climate System – the new level in planetary theory

Climate is ultimately complex. Dynamically complex systems cannot be resolved to simple cause and effect. Studying cause and effect illuminates the components of the system but climate’s full picture remains elusive. Understanding the components does not enable understanding of the … Continue reading

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Is Ecomodernism the third way on climate change?

The headline here is the title of a blog post on “The Hill” by Julie Kelly. It contains three terms that seem likely to annoy any thoughtful conservative. Ecomodernism is a term used for toasters, pants, lampshades, etc. that have … Continue reading

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Climate chaos – the once and future dragon-king

“… the future evolution of the global mean temperature may hold surprises on both the warm and cold ends of the spectrum due entirely to internal variability that lie well outside the envelope of a steadily increasing global mean temperature.”  … Continue reading

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Attrition in the climate trenches

There are ongoing skirmishes on the climate battlefront.  They involve key ideas in climate science – climate extremes, climate sensitivity and the accuracy of climate models.  There is as well an ongoing quibble – recently revisited by “climate scientists” – about whether … Continue reading

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